Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Sri Sri said:

‘When a crisis seems too humungous for you, focus on a larger one’

Australia (Sydney), April 2 (Thursday): Sri Sri interacted with 1,600 people during a public address at the Majestic Theatre in Sydney on April 2, 2009. This marked Sri Sri’s first public talk in the country after five years. What followed was an informal interaction – Q & As with the audience – dominant with Sri Sri’s characteristic wit and simplicity.

Q. How can you stay focused on your goals in these tough times of economic meltdown?
A. You need the four things curiosity, fear, greed and love.
Remember the planet has faced worse crises than these. If you have a crisis you only have to look at a bigger crisis – start to serve the bigger ones and yours seem smaller and you overcome it effortlessly. When a crisis seems too humungous for you and you feel you cannot handle your own, focus on a bigger one. Have you noticed how children come to you with a big problem, and it turns out that their friend doesn’t want to speak to them. It seems so big. Or you argue with your neighbor, your girlfriend or boyfriend. The problem seems so big but this planet has had so many crises. The tsunami, war, famine, economic meltdown and still we overcome them all. Have faith and confidence.

1. Have confidence in you. You have the strength to manage the problem. If the problem is the tail then the body is the solution. So have confidence.
2. If this doesn’t work then know that there are people with greater problems and start serving them. It will make you feel better.
3. Surrender to the bigger power. Feel your helplessness and offer the problem to God. The sincere prayer will make things turn around. You don’t have to think about what denomination to pray. Just from helplessness arises the spontaneous prayer.
4. Know that it is a passing phase. It will always go. See life in the bigger picture. No problem stays forever. It came and it will go.

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