Sunday, May 10, 2009

Think Fresh

To think fresh you need to be free of all impressions. Let go of all impressions right this moment and be hollow and empty. When you hear a word, the sound conveys the meaning instantaneously. Similarly, the knowledge that you are sitting, standing or talking needs neither confirmation nor proof.

Just an intention to be free makes you free right away. Realization that freedom is your very nature brings enormous Shakti (energy). Forget about this knowledge sheet and be fresh!

© The Art of Living Foundation


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking how GREAT I was feeling with life and how thankful...and I read this paragraph of wisdow! Just to confirm what I was realizing...LIFE was not taking things from me...LIFE was setting me FREE from stuff! Thanks from the bottom of my heart...I'm already free just by realizing it! Now the goal is to remember it everyday! :)

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