Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Sri Sri Said today:

Truth will always triumph

Bangalore, India, May 24:

H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: All of us want to be happy and have the willingness to do something to be happy. What is the way for this?
What is the formula?
You should always think, "I don't need anything from anyone.", because attachment causes misery.

When you are happy, take a sankalpa that -
1. You don't need anything from anyone
2. You should be of use to everybody, and
3. No one can make you unhappy.

After we do something for someone, we expect thanks or gratitude from them. This expectation makes us even more miserable if they don't say thanks! We think that they are not grateful enough.
No, we don’t need anything from anyone. We should keep that sankalpa in mind. Then we can be content, and we can do whatever is possible from our end.

Q. What should we do if others take undue advantage of us?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Don't let them take undue advantage! When you are fully aware, people cannot take undue advantage of you. If you go to sleep or are unaware, then the distinction between your pocket and theirs will be blurred, and they may put their hands in your pocket!
You keep doing what you want. Then no one can humiliate you. If you give room for it, only then it becomes possible. People hold on to small things and then say they are humiliated. If some guests come to your home, and you forget to offer them some tea, they will get humiliated that you didn't respect them enough by not offering them tea.
But you know that you did not mean any disrespect. You see, it is the same situation, but people view it differently.
We should see the opposing view as well. We need to be broadminded, and look at our fellow human beings as equals.

Q. My wife was not cooperative and we had a fight. I stepped outside briefly, but by the time I got back, she hung herself and committed suicide. Now I feel guilty, that I could have stopped her somehow. How can I overcome this grief?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Whatever happened, don't sit and brood over it. Each moment is the start of a new life.
Whatever happened, had to happen, don't sit and think I could have done this or that, it is of no use.
Leave your burden, clear the mind, and move on.

Q. The state of society nowadays is very bad. There is suppression due to casteism and a large economic divide, and for a number of reasons, one feels lonely. How does one gather strength and gain self confidence during these times?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Do you feel lonely here? (Audience says "No!")
That's it! We have satsangs here and everywhere, so you should feel like a member of a "sangha" (group).
You are not alone in your fight for justice and pursuit of peace or happiness.
Truth will always triumph.

Q. What is death? What happens after death?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: First, find out what is life and what happens when we are alive!

Q. What is the meaning of karma?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: This is my karma to listen to your question, and asking the question is your karma, and whether you get an answer or not is your karma.
Every impression, thought and action is karma.

Q. We do sadhana regularly, yet we face difficulties. Why?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is only when you face difficulties that you ask 'Why do I face difficulties?', you never ask 'Why am I happy?' when you are happy!
When we face difficulties, sadhana gives us the strength to face it, to overcome it.
Things have changed and will change. Have faith.

Q: How does one find one's true calling?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: How do you know when you are hungry? How do you feel pain? It's obvious, isn't it?
Your true calling will also be equally obvious; it will be like a pain in your leg.
(Audience: "But it is so confusing to make a career choice!")
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Choice is always between bad and worse. So just accept it and make a decision!

Q. I am a student of media, and I am always asked why the media doesn't report the truth. What is the truth? Does it exist?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Only truth has existence. Everything else is maya (Illusion)!

( From the Office of HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bangalore, India)

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